Charlyne yi dating 2016 blind dating movie


is an anti-romantic comedy, the story of two people fooled by Hollywood into believing in meet-cutes, grand gestures and the fulfilling simplicity of true love, only to realize that not everybody gets, or necessarily deserves, a storybook courtship.

However, rather than bounce back and forth between the two it would probably be best for the viewer to think of it all as a documentary and separate the fiction later."While we were filming I went from performing three, four nights a week to once a month at most.It’s one of the things I missed the most."She also has an HBOseries and another movie in the works, but her lifelong ambition is just to rock out a little.The mixture of documentary and fiction makes this a difficult film to review, mainly because the fiction part is filmed as though it were a documentary and director Jasenovic does an incredible job of blending this seamlessly into the real documentary.The viewer will sense what is documentary and what is fiction, but they will always be fighting the feeling that it is all a documentary because the two sides are so entwined around each other.Charlyne Yi makes for a very quirky but funny and cute protagonist, and Michael Cera brings all the appeal of his personality and is so incredibly likeable that the girls will find him adorable and the men will understand why.

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